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Sprint to OTT market without blowing your budget
Fuugo takes you over the top

Uniting content owners, platforms and end users into one complete OTT solution

Fuugo is a complete over-the-top (OTT) solution for you as a video content owner to monetize your material on different platforms. One united user experience on any device with your visual identity is built up in a moment. Constantly evolving Fuugo ensures your service is always in the front line off advancing OTT markets.

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Fuugo Fleet

Form your entertainment armada on Fuugo Fleet by choosing the right vessels for your purposes.

From highly responsive Web solution to Android, iOS, Roku... Fuugo Fleet offers the same intuitive User Experience on every platform. It enables social aspects of TV entertainment and makes TV watching personal and communal at the same time.

Fuugo Control

Lead your TV entertainment troops and monitor their movements on the field.

With the modern cloud based technology you can mobilize your Mobile TV fleet fast and in a cost effective way. Fuugo Control allows you to collect your real time data and weekly based reports for controlling your advertisement channels even better.


Fuugo Architecture consists of three main components to create the final user experience for end users.

Fuugo Fleet is a wide range of client applications for different platforms which can be run from Fuugo Control. Fleet is the most agile white label OTT solution on the market to build and customize. Intuitive user experience guarantees customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fuugo Control is the heart of the platform. It provides all the key information and functionalities for Fuugo fleet.

Fuugo Control can be divided into two modules: User Management and Content Management.

User Management covers for example user authentication and authorization, storing and updating user data and personal preferences.

Content Management provides mechanisms to publish different type of content setups for targeted platforms. Fuugo Control has sophisticated tools to create 24/7 VOD live channel with a full EPG. It requires a CDN provider to offer a mechanism to control the live feed by ingesting VODs in the live stream.

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Be the most agile OTT supplier on the market


To offer our clients fast delivered OTT service with outstanding user experience and customer care

Our Values


Fuugo is a playable OTT solution on any device. Intuitive user interface and seamless backend guarantees perfect user experience.


Fuugo suites for wide range of video providers who want to deliver their content on web. Our solution grows with the customer and it scales up when there is a mountain peak ahead.


Customer’s visual identity is quickly implemented on Fuugo. Agile platform building together with low start-up investments and customer-oriented service makes the difference. Get noticed with Fuugo!