Axel Technologies is a group of TV and Video software innovators with a very strong background on mobile content applications and mobile user experience.


Fuugo Platform

Axel Technologies’ main product, Fuugo platform, is an OTT video solution for today’s multiscreen world allowing development of a customized, branded user interface with a powerful cloud-based backend.

Fuugo platform targets fast creation of fully customized TV and Video applications for anyone who utilize, use or distribute video content.

Axel Technologies

Axel Technologies has more than 10 years experience of developing TV and Video software in complex multidevice environments. Axel is specialized in creating easy and intuitive user interfaces for various TV and Video services in multiscreen devices.

More than 10 years in the forefront of Mobile TV and Video technologies.

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Press Releases

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AXEL TECHNOLOGIES secures additional funding, takes new Executive Chairman on board and invites former co-founder back in the seat as CEO

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VIVOplay Selects Octoshape Infinite HD-M™ to Expand into the Global Hispanic Content Market